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Final Exams

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Final Exams well be held: 

  • June 4-8, 2018¬†for the Spring 2018 Quarter at the Capital Region Campus (Schedule)
  • May 2-8, 2018 for the Spring 2018 Semester at the Potsdam Campus (Schedule)

The final exam schedule for the Spring 2018 Quarter will be available in PeopleSoft, and online no later than April 23rd, 2018.

How to view your Final Exam schedule in PeopleSoft:

Log into PeopleSoft

Under "Academics" choose Exam Schedule from the drop-down menu

Choose the correct semester and then click "continue"

Any course with a scheduled final exam will be listed on your exam schedule.



Final exam policy (Section III)

Exam location codes


Spring 2018 Semester Schedule Changes:

  • BY 328/528 exam scheduled for Monday May 7, at 7-10PM in RL244
  • BY/PY 340 exam scheduled for Thursday May 3, at 8-11am in SN213
  • HSS 480-01 exam moved to Thursday 5/3/18 at 3:15pm in SN175
  • CE 340-01/D1- Exam scheduled for Wednesday 5/2/18 at 11:45am in SC360
  • POL 355 sections 01, and 02 - exam canceled
  • IS/EM 211-01 exam moved to Snell 241
  • IS/Em 211-02 exam moved to Snell 241
  • IS/EM 211-03 exam changed to Friday, May 4, 7-10pm in Snell 241