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AccessABILITY Services

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If you are a person who is neurodiverse, has a complex learning need, or medical need and are wondering if Clarkson is right for you, the answer is YES!  Clarkson's Office of AccessABILITY Services welcomes you.  We invite you to meet our team of accommodation specialists and to visit our office on a campus tour.  Once you know the support you'll receive from our kind, caring staff - you'll count OAS among the many reasons you'll be glad you chose Clarkson.

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Facts About Students With Disabilities at Clarkson University:

  • Clarkson celebrates all types of individual diversity, including neurodiversity and persons with disabilities.  We work to make Clarkson an inclusive environment where all persons have equal access.
  • Approximately one in ten Clarkson students has registered with OAS for assistance with a disability (same as the national average for all college students).
  • Clarkson students affiliated with OAS have the same academic success (based on grade point averages) as their peers.
  • OAS offers temporary disability services to students with unanticipated injuries and needs such as concussion and surgical recovery.
  • All services are provided at no additional charge.

Students with Disabilities

Clarkson University assures equal educational opportunities by providing accommodations and services for qualified students with documented disabilities in accordance with Federal Law, specifically the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

By federal law, a person with a disability is any person who:
  1. has a physical or mental impairment;
  2. has a record of such impairment; and
  3. is regarded as having such an impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities such as walking, standing, seeing, speaking, breathing, taking care of oneself, learning.

The Office of AccessABILITY Services at Clarkson University, located in Price Hall, is the designated office responsible for maintaining disability related documentation, certifying eligibility for receipt of services, determining reasonable accommodations, and ensuring the provision of those services.

Staff at Office of AccessABILITY Services at Clarkson University are a proud members of:

    New York State Disability Services Council logo   &   AHEAD Logo