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Graphic Identity Manual

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The Clarkson Brand

Clarkson’s marketing communications strategy is designed to build the image and visibility of our academic quality and to improve name recognition.

The Clarkson brand, defined in the updated brand toolkit, relies on a consistent visual vocabulary, voice and experience across every platform, interaction, event and initiative. Every aspect of communication and interaction with and on behalf of the university should reinforce Clarkson's fundamental brand identity. This site provides the tools, resources and assets needed to ensure every person communicating on behalf of Clarkson does so with a powerful, cohesive brand presentation,

Use of Logo

The Clarkson brand is much more than a logo. The logo does, however, stand as an immediate identifier for all that Clarkson stands for. For almost every publication in print and digital formats, letterhead, and webpage, the Clarkson University logo is the appropriate identity symbol to use and should be included. The logo is fundamental to the University’s communications strategy and cannot be modified in any way.

If you need to clarify a particular graphic identity standard, or need assistance, please contact  Renee Holsen, Director of Creative Services & Project Management,

Using the menu to the left, you will find information on:

  • Identity Symbols — an overview for the use of the logo, seal, and shield.
  • Logo Usage — guidelines and color specifications for the logo.
  • Seal and Shield Usage — the proper time and place to use the seal or shield.
  • Other Logos — Policies for the use and development of other logos.
  • Fonts — A place to download the fonts used in Clarkson publications.
  • Templates, Downloads and Request Forms — Downloads for a variety of Clarkson materials, including Microsoft Word templates for letterhead, PowerPoint templates, and logos; as well as request forms for business cards, note cards, and other printed materials.