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Program Requirements

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The Honors Program is an integrated, four-year experience that offers a heightened level of engagement inside and outside of the classroom. Enrollment is limited to 30 students from each entering class and about 10 Clarkson students entering their sophomore year. Together, you will progress through the Honors Program curriculum, a series of specially designed seminars and collaborative group projects. In addition to completing 24 credit hours of Honors coursework, all Honors students are required to participate in community service and to conduct original research leading to an Honors thesis

For more details please refer to the Honors Program Handbook.

Honors Coursework
The Honors Program curriculum consists of a new seminar every semester for all four years. You’ll start with two first-year seminars exploring the role and responsibility of scientific research in relation to social problems.  Then it’s time for the “problems” course, in which you’ll work in multidisciplinary teams over two semesters to solve a challenge related to a modern social problem like clean drinking water, global warming, or care for the dying. During your junior year, you’ll explore topics of future scientific impact while preparing to start your thesis research. During your final semesters in the program, you will work on your Honors thesis but you will also meet regularly with your peers in the Program to troubleshoot your projects and prepare for your final presentations. 

Honors courses are certainly demanding, but Honors students do not have to take more classes than regular Clarkson students. The Honors curriculum replaces the Knowledge Area (KA) requirements of the Common Experience Curriculum and satisfies the University’s communication and technology requirements.

Research and Thesis
Research is an integral part of the Honors experience. In addition to research related to your Honors coursework, every Honors student is required to complete a capstone Honors thesis. The thesis represents the culmination of your preparation as a true researcher. Your Honors adviser and professors will guide you as you develop a unique hypothesis and an appropriate methodology, and help you stay on schedule for graduation.

Service Component
The Honors students themselves originally developed and recently revised the Community Service Requirement. Students must perform a minimum of 40 hours of service during their time at Clarkson to successfully complete the service requirement.

GPA Requirement
Honors students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.25 to remain in good standing and to qualify for graduation with honors.

All forms for current students relating to waivers, petitions, and the Honors thesis may be found in the Honors Program Handbook.