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Engineering - Help Shape the future 

Clarkson offers rigorous degree programs in traditional fields of engineering as well as interdisciplinary programs that focus on emerging areas of study.  Our flexible curricula and a wide variety of minors and concentrations enable each student to define their education in a way that meets their unique interests.

Clarkson’s longstanding emphasis on creative problem-solving and cross-discipline collaboration means that you will apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom directly to real-world problems  - from tackling an environmental problem to re-engineering an airplane wing to reduce drag or design a motor for greater fuel efficiency.  As a student at Clarkson you'll learn  the fundamentals,  but you'll also learn about teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership.  

At Clarkson, learning is not limited to the classroom.  From SPEED design teams to opportunities to study at some of the best engineering programs worldwide, there are avenues for all students to find experiential and professional experiences outside of the traditional classroom walls that fit their own individual needs and interests:

The opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in state-of-the-art, faculty-mentored research projects is part of Clarkson University's commitment to providing real-world, hands-on learning experiences. Students gain experience in critical thinking and the skills needed to tackle open-ended problems. They also gain insights into career opportunities and enhance their professional credentials for future employment or advanced degree programs.

Programs of Study in Engineering

Engineering Majors 

Minors and Concentrations 

 Exploring Options
Engineering Studies
• University Studies
• Honors Program

Pre-Professional Advising
• Pre-Law
• Pre-Health Sciences  (Medical,
       Veterinary, Dental)
• Pre-Physical Therapy

Professional Experience (Co-op, Internship, Research and Other Experience)

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