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Faculty Excellence

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Clarkson University Receives More Than $1.4 Million from Intel over Decade
During the past ten years, Clarkson University has received more than $1.4 million of direct and indirect (through Semiconductor Research Corporation) funding from Intel Corporation.

Intel donated silicon wafer polishing equipment and provided the funding to support research in the area of chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) to Professors S.V. Babu, Egon Matijevic, and Dipankar Roy, and in nanoparticle detachment to Prof. Cetin Cetinkaya.

The money also supported many graduate and undergraduate researchers, and led to the hiring of 12 Clarkson Ph.D. graduates in recent years.

Clarkson Leads Multi-university $8 million Great Lakes Fish Research
Prof. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Tom Holsen and his team's EPA-funded, $8 million research projects looks at the effects of contaminants on Great Lakes native fish and human health.

Holsen and his fellow researchers are building on the expertise they gained over the past five years developing extensive quality assurance procedures for monitoring contaminants in top predator fish in the Great Lakes, notably lake trout and walleye, that could be harmful to the fish and both humans and other wildlife that may consume them.


Teaching quality as reflected by student evaluations in their courses, as well as teaching productivity as reflected by the number of students taught are both incorporated in the evaluation for this recognition.  The efforts of these dedicated teachers are appreciated by the school and by our students.

The Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering’s success depends, to a large extent, on the accomplishment and quality of our graduates which, in turn, depends upon the quality of our instruction.  The classroom instruction demonstrated by these and many other of our faculty has been clearly outstanding.

Congratulations go to the faculty and instructors on their excellent performance in teaching.







 Sulapha Peethamparan Receives 2011 NSF CAREER Award

Assistant Profesor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Sulapha Peethamparan received a 2011 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation for her research proposal "Mechanisms of Hydration Kinetics and Property Evolution in Activated Slag and Fly Ash Multi-Phase Sustainable Binder Systems."

Her research focuses on the development, characterization and applications of infrastructure materials, mainly cement and concrete, with an emphasis on energy and environmental issues.  

Center for Advanced Materials Processing Receives $1.5 Million for Army Research

More than 20 Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) faculty members led by Distinguished University Professor/CAMP Director S.V. Babu have received funding of $1,512,000 from the Army Research Office (ARO) to develop photovoltaic systems for use in military communications. Read more