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Research Takes Him Around the World

While many Clarkson students choose to stay on campus to perform research over the summer, chemical engineer Tyler Martin '11 has chosen to leave campus for a couple of his summer research experiences.

In 2010, Tyler was chosen to perform research at the University of Colorado at Boulder under the National Science Foundation's REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program.

With the direction of UCB Professor Arthi Jayaraman and a graduate student mentor, Tyler worked on the simulation of copolymer grafted nanoparticles using computer programming, a subject in which he had little previous experience.

Tyler says, "We wanted to see how variations in chemical and physical properties of the nanoparticles affected the structures they formed." From this research, he also plans to publish two research papers, which will enhance his graduate school applications.

And during the summer of 2009, Tyler conducted materials engineering research at Tsinghua University, one of China's most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Once again,he had this opportunity as part of the REU program. He was among eight university students in the United States chosen to participate.

While in Beijing, Tyler worked with Dr. Yue Zhenxing of Tsinghua University on a research project related to three-dimensional, multilayer circuits that are used in cell phones and many other devices.

Tyler says, "By researching the creation of these circuits, I wanted to produce a material that would allow the circuits to be made more cheaply with a higher performance than possible with current technology. Doing this would then improve the devices that use these circuits, especially cell phones."

The ability to work in several different labs has had a significant impact on Tyler. "From all of my experiences in labs, I now know exactly what I'd like to pursue in graduate school," he explains. "Now that I have a goal of obtaining my Ph.D., graduate and fellowship applications will be significantly easier and I'll have peace of mind knowing that I'll enjoy my work in graduate school."

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Tyler Martin