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Corporate Partner

$75,000 or above (12 months) 

One of the main objectives of CAMP is to engage in collaborative applied research and technology transfer to industry leading to positive economic impacts and economic growth. One of the mechanisms by which CAMP accomplishes this is to enter into mutually beneficial technical relationships with companies, providing services and active research activities that are responsive to the needs of businesses and industries.

A company seeking to establish a long-term relationship with Clarkson as a Corporate Sponsor and wanting to have specific basic, applied or technology demonstration research effort(s) conducted by Clarkson faculty and students may be designated as a Corporate Partner.  

As CAMP Corporate Partner a company will be able to develop a closer working relationship with the faculty across Clarkson University’s schools and departments, who have knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in cutting edge science and engineering disciplines pertinent to the company’s product lines. Corporate Partners may use CAMP as an extant research arm to understand existing product performance, an innovation lab to develop and evaluate new products or improve processes, and/or a partner in new product development. In addition,  Corporate Partners will have preferred access to meet and collaborate with Clarkson students (undergraduate and graduate levels), to establish preferred talent pipelines addressing future workforce needs. These relationships will be developed over a period of at least one year (preferably 3-5 years) through the execution of one or more Sponsored Research projects. Such projects will be governed by terms of negotiated formal Research Agreement and costs will be commensurate with the statement of work. 

Corporate Partner benefits include:
  • Sponsored Research Project(s). Working with CAMP staff, Corporate Partners may define one or more topical areas for which there is a desire to conduct applied research and/or technology maturation (and eventually technology transition) that falls within Clarkson University’s competencies and the sponsor’s business interests.  CAMP staff will facilitate discussions with key faculty members and company points of contact regarding research, technical, or educational challenges of the sponsor.  Scopes of work will be developed and sponsored research projects defined.  Each case will be negotiated separately to ensure compliance with NY State’s laws, regulations and the CAMP contractual obligations.  Patent rights for sponsored research will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis prior to start of work.  For each commitment of at least $75,000.00 per year one full time student (who will receive tuition and stipend) and at least one faculty advisor to work on the Sponsored Research project in accordance with terms of a Research Agreement.  In addition, for companies in NY State, the project may receive up to $15,000.00 of additional funding from CAMP’s CAT funds.
  • Membership on the CAMP Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). This Board, which advises the CAMP Director, reviews the Center's annual performance against mission, goals and objectives and makes recommendations for continuous improvement.  The IAB also reviews CAMP project execution annually, considers ideas for future directions for CAMP research, and makes recommendations on expenditure of pooled funds.
  • Invitation to Present and Participate at CAMP Annual Technical Meetings. The annual meetings provide opportunities to listen to academic researchers and corporate experts in the broad spectrum of fields associated with advanced materials and processes, and to connect in a collaborative and professional setting with other corporate representatives affiliated with CAMP. There are two to four meetings per year, depending on resources and diversity of topical areas pursued. Through these, Corporate Sponsors will have early access to all non-proprietary CAMP-sponsored research and will be invited to participate in “Research Review” meetings at which the research results will be presented by faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral research associates.
  • Discount on Courses, Seminars and Workshops. Corporate Sponsors may participate in existing summer courses, short courses, open seminars and/or workshops offered by CAMP. If there are charges for these activities, Corporate Sponsors will be given reduced rates. A Corporate Sponsor may also request CAMP to develop courses, seminars and/or workshops in specific technical areas or on topics that address needs of the companies. CAMP staff will facilitate planning and execution of these with support of the requestor(s).
  • Special Technical Assistance. A Corporate Sponsor may request CAMP’s assistance in materials characterization and/or evaluation of samples against performance specifications. Access to various CAMP-owned analytical instruments including, but not limited to, SEM, TEM, XRD, NMR, Nano-indenter, X-ray tomography, AFMs, etc., will be provided on a priority basis and at a significantly discounted rate.
  • Researcher-in-Residence: A Corporate Sponsor may send one or two individuals to Clarkson to work on a mutually-agreed upon project in collaboration with CAMP faculty. CAMP staff will assist sponsors in establishing the necessary relationships with faculty and will facilitate development of necessary documentation to ensure protection of all parties (including the sponsor company, visiting researcher, faculty member(s), and Clarkson University. 
Corporate Partner responsibilities include:
  • Providing funds in a timely manner in accordance with legal and regulatory statutes (Federal, State, and County).
  • Providing CAMP, in a timely manner and/or upon request, an “Annual Economic Impact Statement.” This statement shall quantitatively describe the actual jobs created, jobs retained, increased revenues and/or revenues retained based on project(s) conducted by CAMP within a five-year timespan. CAMP is contractually required to provide this information annually to NYSTAR, the NY State agency that supports CAMP by the end of July.

For additional information or to schedule a meeting:

Marilyn Freeman, CAMP Director, 315-268-2316,

Elisabeth Cain, CAMP Business Development Manager, 315-244-7670,

Center for Advanced Materials Processing, Clarkson University Potsdam, NY

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